Do. Be. Become.

Don't just spend your life running from one thing to the next, but loving who you become. 

Every time I sit down with this planner I feel like I have a life coach sitting across the table as I put thought into where my life is heading. This is the biggest difference I notice from this planner compared to the many others I have used the last 20 years.
— G.M.L, Amazon Reviewer

A Journey.

The ThriveSteer Planner is for everyone whether you’re a student, climbing the corporate ladder, a stay at home parent, or a retiree because we believe that growth never stops. 

Move through life not just running from one thing to the next, but loving who you become. 


be great.

Are you being carried about by circumstances, without a guide, and without your eyes set on a target? Recalibrate with a ThriveSteer planner now and start strategically choosing the life you desire.


Throughout the planner, the ThriveSteer core values of Strategy, Congruency, Synergy, Courage, Inspiration and Transformation are represented by the following icons. Click on any of the icons to link to our values videos.

Joyce Larson, Founder and Visionary of ThriveSteer, first realized a need for a holistic life coaching planner after a thorough search for a tool to prioritize her life came back with dissatisfying results. Through her work in marriage and family therapy, she is keenly aware of people’s propensity to sabotage their success with competing priorities. She and her husband have found this to be true of their own lives.

As a result, ThriveSteer was born, named for our desire to see people thrive as they steer themselves toward health and success. ThriveSteer is a planner designed to help you plan your life and also to help you strategically evaluate each area of your life. It will reveal areas which may be contradicting one another and preventing overall holistic health.

According to Stephen R. Covey’s Principle-Centered Leadership, “Where there is no vision, says the proverb, people perish.

That’s because they select goals and begin pursuing them – climbing the proverbial ladder of success before they define mission and clarify values. Consequently, upon reaching the top rung, they often discover, to their dismay, that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.”

As a result of the ThriveSteer principles, the lives of Joyce and her husband have been completely reoriented. Decisions that have come from utilizing this process have involved job changes, relocation to another state, and careful consideration of how they spend their time, energy, and financial resources. Guided by the six critical values, this tool can produce the same results in your life, leading you toward holistic health, where you will treat each arena of your life as important, rather than living with an imbalance of only focusing on one or two arenas.