Group Tips

Interested in starting your ThriveSteer Planner with a group of friends for support, camaraderie, and achieving greater synergy toward your goals? This resource is an example of how you could bring together friends and organize 2-4 group meetings.

Welcome and Vision

Have you been doubting the trajectory you're on in life or you want to ensure you maintain vision and action toward your dreams? That is why I created ThriveSteer. 

There are other goal tracking tools out there, but through clinical experience I realized most people don't realize how to set goals, or what those goals should be. Choose ThriveSteer so that your goals match your true desires. 

Why the Values are Important

Through clinical experience I noticed a common denominator of what prevented clients from success. I then drilled this down into our core values: strategy, congruency, synergy, courage, inspiration, and transformation.

ThriveSteer is an integrative process that ensures your goals work together for success rather than sabotage each other, and this is done through the lens of these core values.