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Values driven

The ThriveSteer Planner is driven by six core values: Strategy, Congruency, Synergy, Courage, Inspiration, and Transformation. Are all of the arenas of your life congruent and not sabotaging one another? They should be synergistic, strategically working together toward a greater vision. Check out the values videos below!

Life arenas

With your ThriveSteer, you’ll be able to carefully evaluate seven arenas of your life: Relational, Spiritual, Financial, Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, and Recreational and be guided through a process to create a guiding principal, called a pursuit statement, for each arena. Next you will take each of these life arenas and determine specific and attainable actions. 

ThriveSteer Pursuit Statement Evaluation Coaching

A planner with a built-in life coach

The ThriveSteer Planner is designed to facilitate reflection, growth, and self awareness. Its evaluative questions are not designed to stump you, but to reveal the truths you already know about yourself and your dreams. Through the process you’re then guided to take those dreams and turn them into reality. This void between dreams and reality will be guided by ThriveSteer. 

Facilitated reflection and growth

You will take each of your life arenas and determine specific and attainable actions. Each month, you’ll evaluate your progress toward your goals through careful reflection and questions. Finally, at the end of the year you’ll get to celebrate your successes and determine your areas of growth for your next year.